Private, Fantasy and Other Polymer Notes

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Screen 1600 x 900
Unbenanntes Dokument 00015665
Private, Fantasy and Other Polymernotes

February 19, 2020

Numbers Statement
R01 V01 a - z Regular Note + Variant
S01 V01 a - z Specimen Note + Variant
F01 V01 a - z Folder Note + Variant
ER01 V01 a - z Error Note + Variant
RU01 V01 a - z Regular Uncut Note + Variant
SU01 V01 a - z Specimen Uncut Note + Variant
FU01 V01 a - z Folder Uncut Note + Variant

Hybrid Notes Variants
Typ 1 Paper with Polymer core
Typ 2 Polymer with Paper core
Typ 3 Paper with Polymer window
Typ 4 Paper with Polymer stripes

Font and Button in
Black / Orange default
White / Red unknown or nonexistent
White / Brown my collection


added Webside
banknotes from a to z is ready,
test notes is in progress